If I Fall


||Save me please,
From this disease
I can’t outrun.

Take my hand
Don’t let me fall
Until I’m firm
And standing tall.

I’m so afraid,
And I don’t know why
This world has
Put you in my life.

You’re on my mind,
You’ve stole my calm,
And I fear you’ll play me
Like a pawn.

I can’t control it;
Though I’ve tried,
But you’ve captured me
In just one stride.

I knew this would happen
I knew this would come.
I thought I could fight
When you’ve  already won

You have a part of me
Of a most priceless kind,
Because you stole it from me
When I was helpless and blind.

Please, won’t you stop?
You’ve confused me once more.
I know they say jump,
But I’m afraid I won’t soar.

So please if I fall,
Will you not let me break?
Because I know I can’t handle
Another heart ache.||


Well friends that’s a wrap!! I hope you enjoyed today’s poem 😀

Until next time God bless…And live life well




The Sea 


||she was as endless as the sea.

her dreams stretched for miles,

and her love grew deep.

the moon she reflects, and the stars she adores,

and though they refused her,

she came back for the shore.

she poured her love and her soul into their heart,

but when the tide pulled her under

it tore her apart.

broken and blinded by the salty waves,

she reached out desperately

for the love that saves.

but no one could hear or respond when she cried,

and she was left with nothing

but the love they denied.||

Well that’s a wrap my friends! I hope you enjoyed today’s poem!

So until next time…God bless and live life well  ❤️

The Thief


||Goodbye is on my lips once more,
And once again, my heart has torn.
It never stops; an endless break
Till you return for this heart ache

Each time a piece is snatched away
Each time I never have a say
It never stops; it thirsts for more
Until I’m broken, beat, and sore

I thought my whole life that love…It was endless
I thought it would last, but it’s left me a mess
The truth it hurts, and I wish I’d known,
But I couldn’t resist when love was shown

It’s a beautiful lie; an endless mirage,
It comes back stronger like a deceitful  barrage
Please someone, won’t you hear my cries
Will you save me, and tell me it’ll be alright?

I’m tired of longing for those I can’t see
I’m wary from letting those hopes inside me
I know they’re fine, and that they won’t come back,
Because with a piece of my heart, they now know no lack

So Please, if you’re willing, heal my heart,
Because again and again you tear it apart.
Love, take thought when you let me fall…
Or at least have someone answer whenever I call.

Because inwardly there’s screaming
Inwardly there’s grief
I thought love was giving
When all it is is a thief||

Okay friends that’s a wrap 😛 I hope that you enjoyed todays poem 🙂

Until next time… God bless and live life well

In Everything

||take heart and

know that I

am good


through pain and

suffering I

am good


through loss and

triumph I

am good


through trials and

tribulations I

am good


through heartache and

confusion I

am good


through emptiness and

depression I

am good


through ridicule and

exclusion I

am good


through sorrow and

happiness I

am good


through weakness and

darkness I

am good


through tears and

loneliness I

am good


through victories and

failures I

am good


In the world you

will have tribulations,

 but take heart and know

that I am good.

Take heart: to be courageous; to regain one’s courage

Hang in there guys! Life’s hard sometimes, and yeah I know it’s easier to look at circumstances and decide to let the bad things of life get to you, but maybe just maybe we just need to look beyond our problems and know that through the hard times, and through the worst of the struggles, we grow the very most and become the best us we can possibly be. We just have to regain our courage, and have faith that God truly is good, and that He loves us more than anything in existence ❤


Okay friends that’s a wrap 😛 I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

So until next time…God bless and live life well



My World



||you are my solid rock,

my place to fall

when life knocks me down.


you don’t know it,

but it’s because of you

that I keep on going.


you bring joy in my life,

and you make me

forget what sadness is.


you always encourage me,

and it’s because of you

that I am never alone.


but now you’re leaving,

and I don’t know

what I’m going to do without you.


I don’t know how

to stand on my own…

please don’t let me fall.


because I’m afraid

that once I’m down

i won’t have anyone to help me up.


You’re the only one

who truly knows me,

and loves me as I am.


and I’m afraid

that without you

who I am will be forgotten.


because without you

i’m just one half

trying to cope.


we discovered the world

together, and I realized

that you were the definition of mine||


Okay friends that’s a wrap 😛  I hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem 🙂

So until next time…God bless and live life well ❤ 


Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

||the moonlight kissed

the endless waters,

seemingly wishing

the sweet memories

a gentle farewell||


Okay friends that’s a wrap 😛 I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

So until next time…God bless and live life well






||they don’t see

the pain you

cause me everyday.


they don’t hear

the words you use

to tear me down


over and over again

never stopping to

let me breathe.


they don’t feel

the fist clenched

in my gut


willing me to

finally snap

and shatter;


scattering the pieces

that kept me sane

and held together


all across the

endless void that

i’ve been confined to.


they don’t know

how draining it is

to love one-sided…


to hold onto the

edge with one hand

just so i can save you…


you hypocrite

you who thinks

you can do no wrong


while pushing me

down down down;

an endless descent.


they don’t understand

the empty words they

use to build you up.


the false praise

they pour over you

raising you higher


just so you can

simply tear me down

lower, and lower still||


Okay friends that’s a wrap 😛 Sorry this one’s a little heavy; there will be happier ones coming 🙂

So until next time…God bless and live life well

Unbreakable Words


Write. In my religion we’re taught that every living thing, every leaf, every bird, is only alive because it contains the secret word for life. That’s the only difference between us and a lump of clay. A word. Words are life, Liesel. -Max Vandenburg


Hi guys! It’s Mei 🙂

Today I have a poem for y’all that was previously shared on my blog about two years ago. I had forgotten all about this one, and I thought I’d “re-share” it with you in 2017! As you can see by the title, the poem is called “Unbreakable Words”, and was inspired by the 2013 film “The Book Thief”, which was based on the best selling  historical novel written by Mark Zusak in 2005. (You can find the original blog post here, for further insight on the poem)

||An ongoing story
Is what it creates
A creator in the making
The ease of mistakes

It forms your breath
Every intake and out
It hears every whisper
And the loudest of shouts

It provides the spark of your smile
And the joy of your eyes
It lays the dirt of the ground
And paints the blue in the skies

It moves with the beat of your heart
And your rhythmic hum
It swims in your mind
Like fire drowned in the sun

It makes up every sonnet
Every song ever played
It gives depths to all poems
And gives life to what’s made

It chances your heart
And brings you to tears
It fills you with peace
And feeds each of your fears

It’s the very root of confusion
It’s the fine lines of hate
It causes you to question
If it’s all up to fate

It provides the love for your soul
To finally find one another
It brushes the blush on your cheeks
And the touch of your lips against the other

It plays the songs of your passion
The tunes of your mind
It sets you apart greatly
It makes you one of a kind

It creates your anger
Your sadness and pain
It cloaks you in pride
Like a lion’s mane

It opens the eyes of the clouded
The lied to, the hated
It can seem like an error…
A phrase misstated

It sews us together
It frees all who are alone
It’s a chamber of life
To the things unknown

It gives life a meaning
And mends all the fractures
It forms you and I
And gives our lives chapters

Each syllable stated
Can cause our story to bend
But it won’t ever break
At least…Till the end||

Okay, friends that’s a wrap 😛 I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

So until next time…God bless and live life well 

Eternity of Goodbyes

||Have you ever felt pain this bad?

Almost like saying goodbye

To those you love

Over and over and over again

Every time feeling as though

Your heart is being torn in two

Just as it was beginning to heal.

Have you ever felt that?

I have, and it feels like an eternity…

Like it never ever stops. ||

The time we spend apart makes our “hello’s” the sweetest, but when the time is over, the “goodbyes” are always the hardest.

 Just a little reminder to enjoy the times we have together and to cherish the memories forever. 

Live Life Well❤️