I have made new friends and have many new people that I know. But hey, you will always be a special part of my heart because no one has been able to replace the space you left in it.  -Stephen Lob


Hi guys! It’s Mei πŸ™‚

And oh my goodness…Summer is almost over, which is both devastating and relieving. “How is that?” you might ask…Well this Summer has basically consisted of the occasional party, swimming, a run to the movies every so often, and hanging out with friends HOWEVER the majority of my time is spent in my room watching Netflix for unhealthy amounts of hours, which is completely amazing, but by now I’m honestly ready to be productive, and get things done. Although I’m pretty sure two weeks into school I’ll be wishing I was still back in Summer, but HEY that’s how things work right?

ANYWAY! Let’s look on the bright side right? Yesterday my family and I got to spend the majority of the day with the most amazing family ever! We have been friends with them ever since I was in first grade when I met their son Kyle and his parents at the memory verse table that I was assigned to in Awana Sparky’s. Sadly, since they moved to Arizona a few years back, and we moved to Texas, we never really got the chance to meet up. BUT yesterday we did, and I honestly haven’t had that much fun, and laughed that much in so long. There’s something about their family and our family that just clicks, and when we’re all together it’s like a celebration all the time, because there’s not a moment where we’re not laughing or smiling. They make me so happy and content, and even though we hadn’t seen them in almost four years, it seemed like nothing changed, because we just picked right up from where we left off, and a friend told me that that’s how you know they’re the true stuff πŸ˜› But somehow I kind of already knew that.

We started off the evening swimming (no surprise there hah that’s all I do) at the hotel that they were staying at, and raided the snack bar, while the parents drank their wine and bubbly drinks. After that, we spent a good thirty minutes changing and going back and forth about what type of food we wanted to eat and where we wanted to eat. Finally we decided on Mexican food, which was absolutely perfect considering we were in the right city for the best Tex Mex ❀ The food was amazing, but the company was even better (if that’s possible, because lemme tell ya…I got some gooooood enchiladas…), although I’m pretty sure our waitress was already done with us after ten minutes πŸ˜› The night went by way too quickly, and we stayed in the restaurant until twenty minutes past closing time, when the owner, not so subtly, hinted that we leave. We left the building, but stood in the parking lot talking, and messing around for a while. The parents kept on saying it was time to say goodbye, but of course wherever we migrated, we just continued to talk until it was actually time to say goodbye (after saying goodbye like three times :P), and you all know I hate goodbyes. Thankfully I didn’t cry, but a thought did come across my mind, as we were driving away.

Imagine how easy life would be if our family’s were in each other’s lives more than the “once every three or four years meet up”. We all get along so well, and they make me so happy, so why wouldn’t God want us all to be together? How is it that through certain circumstances, two families that work almost perfectly together were split apart 1,000 miles away? It didn’t make sense to me, and I’m still wondering why it had to play out this way, but then I realized that all of the amazing things and the awesome people here in Texas would never have been part of my life, and vise versa for them in Arizona. This whole thing served as a reminder that God really does have a plan for everything, and that there’s always a bigger picture. I mean it makes no humanly sense to why He’d want two family’s from Illinois to become friends, and then have them move all the way across the country in two different states. I mean what if back in that Sparky’s room, I was assigned to a different table? There’s no way meeting them was some random fate that “just so happened.” God put them in our lives for a specific reason, and I know a friendship like the one we have with them will last pretty darn long !!

Okay friends that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this very casual, non-poetry, blog post πŸ˜›

So until next time…God bless and live life well ❀



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