M E M O R Y 



||They say time flies

That the world doesn’t stop

They say to enjoy it

But I completely forgot


I couldn’t be bothered

And I didn’t know

That this doesn’t go on

That there’s an end to the show


I guess I was busy

With my selfish ego

With my concerns and wants

To just “Let it go!”


I didn’t get it

And I didn’t want to

I wanted it over

Because I thought I knew



I thought I knew more

I thought I was greater

But now all I am is sore


I took it for granted

The joy that was brought

The laughs that we shared

And the times that we fought


I didn’t get it

It didn’t quite click

But now! Now I know!

That it all goes by…so quick


I wish I could turn it back

All the way to the start

To the very first day

My favorite part


I can see the sunlight

As it beamed in the windows

I remember being the nobody

That no one knows


I was scared to death

By all the unknown

But once I entered the change

I knew I was home


I didn’t know it then

About all the memories

About the love that would last

Through the stormiest seas


I promise to keep it

In the safe of my heart

To remind myself then

That I’m no longer one part


This world throws us struggles

And tries to break us down

But I know I will cherish…

I know I won’t drown


I’ll stay here forever

I won’t back away

The night only lasts so long

Until it’s swept by the day


I wouldn’t trade it for anything

I wouldn’t take it all back

Y’all are my family

And I hope you know that||

I hope y’all are having a great Sunday evening! Just remember that time flies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy every last second of it! Make sure to appreciate all the friends in your life, and to love those who have become your family through the thick and the thin. Life’s an adventure so live life well ❤



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