You never realize how much it meant 

Until the time has passed 

You never knew how much you changed

Until you look back at last 

You never know how much you love them

Until they’re far away

You never miss them more than words

Until a rotten day 

You never realize the tears 

Until they’re pouring out 

You never regretted what you missed

Until you give in to doubt 

You never want to tell 

Until the final straw

You never want to mind

Until you come out raw 

You never meant for it to come out that way

Until the words have gone

You never wanted to take it back

Until their anger dawns 

You never knew they were plastic

Until their colors show 

You never knew how much it hurt

Until they always go 

You never wanted any of this to happen 

Until the change has come 

You never knew the hard times could save you 

Until your hope has won

The world isn’t over 

Even if what you don’t know can hurt you after all

But the beauty of love is that it conquers every flaw 

Every flaw that says you’re not good enough 

The lie that says be tough

You don’t have to be their perfect image

Or add on extra fluff 

Just live life one day at a time 

And engage in what you love 

Don’t be afraid to stand out 

Because you’re accepted by God above 

-Live Life Well

Mei ❤