Minding my business

I was off in a world

My feet touch the ground

My heart in a whirl

The air crisp and sweet

My steps growing lighter

The world but a hue

Lips chapped

cheeks brighter

My hair coming free

The wind whistling by

The clouds like a blanket

The fields stretched till the sky

I didn’t dare to stop running

Fear irrelevant

Joy showing

I was free like an eagle

And to my garden I’d fly

To the dream of all dreams

The satisfaction of love

As I pursued with my might

My eyes shown a light

The light sparked

The flame rose

And it carried me higher

My smile was genuine

A grin to win all

Nothing could stop me

I had drive

And a passion

But something flickered

Deep down and I knew

I had a purpose to be

A life to fulfill

An aching a longing

I couldn’t sit still

The daze slowly cleared

My eyes fluttered open

My feet still a touch

As I looked all around

I knew my purpose

Oh, legend I miss

I’ll be gone but a minute

But I promise you this

I will come back to you

Oh Legend of dreams

Don’t miss me

Or forget me

No matter how long it seems

Live Life Well



Elegance & Fire

Elegance and Fire

Elegance & Fire

Please don’t forget I love you

Or let the memories fade

You knew me better than anyone

And you could always make me laugh

You saw me at my best

And glimpsed me at my worst

But you never walked away

Because you knew that I was hurt

We’ve shared so many words

And an equal amount of tears

We laughed and laughed for hours

And we danced away our fears

You were the elegance to my fire

The sharer of my jokes

You’re the bestest friend I could ask for

And thinking of you brings in tears

So please don’t forget I love you

Because miles can’t separate love

You are a rare treasure for sure

My blessing from above

Live Life Well



Black and White

Black And White

They wander about

Lost without knowing

Their hearts long

The ache growing

They live thrill to thrill

Person to person

Never really able to fulfill

They resist the truth

The love that calms

Never sure what to get into

And never knowing when to stop

The people ignore them

Like all they are is a prop…

An accessory to their person

Another empty heart

And seemingly without purpose

They’re slowly torn apart

Not knowing who to live for

They blindly stumble around

Screaming for their meaning

Till their voices gives no more sound

Open your eyes

Children of the promise!

Speak purpose to their hearts!

Don’t ever give up on them

Be the one who’s set apart

Tell them of the love

That satisfies the hurt

Tell them of the grace

That wipes away the dirt

Open their eyes to see

To live in vivid colors

Let them change the world

From one heart to the other

Live Life Well





Don’t ever forget

Don’t ever take for granted

Don’t ever dismiss

Or even ignore

Because when it’s all said and done

The only one’s who’ll stand by you

Are the one’s who truly love you.

They’re always there to encourage

They’re always there to comfort

And most importantly…

They’re always there to love.

Family is the only thing that keeps this world “a spin”

It’s the only thing that lasts when all else fails

You can cling to every worldly materialistic thing

But only genuine love will remain un-sifted

And when you finally discover it…

Cling to it with your everything

And don’t ever let go

Because true love never gives up

And that, my dear, is the truest truth that ever will be.

Let it be known that family cannot exist without the “I love you”

-Live Life Well


The Garden


The Garden

Take me to the garden

Take me through the clouds

Take me to the moon

To dance with all the stars

Take me to a castle far far away

Take me to the mountains

To see all that I may

Take me to the forests

To see the crystal springs

Take me to the country

And show me what life brings

Dance with me in the sunset

And hold me till sunrise

For I’ll always be here waiting

Where Heaven and Earth collide

-Live Life Well