Hey everyone! It’s Mei! I do pray y’all are having a lovely Wednesday afternoon! So…today’s poem is about something that completely took over my life (in a good way 😉 ). That something was Gymnastics and through it, I learned so much about it as well as life in general. My teammates were the ones who truly knew me and I truly knew them, because our true colors will only come out in the best of times and in the worst of times, and trust me! Gymnastics gave you a taste of both worlds (BIG time =P ). We kept each other going, and we all had a blast at the meets! The practices could be tough while others could be spot on perfection, but either way we worked hard and we gave our all every practice. The coaches can be strict with you but we all know they’re hard on you so you can improve and be better, which is basically with all sports. Anyyyway…I hope this poem gives you a tiny taste of what it feels like to live Gymnastics! May you enjoy and be blessed ❥



The joy of the moment

The beat of the springs

The clap of the chalk

The passion it brings

The rhythm of music

The moments in air

The sound of the landing

The sweat in your hair

The strains and the sprains

The “thud” of the mats

The ache of your arms

The running of laps

The leaps and the tucks

The pivots and poses

The swish on the bars

The middle split dozes

The walks on the hands

The bruises and pulls

The rips and the grips

And the double fulls

This isn’t a sport

This is a lifestyle

It’s your blood sweat and tears

An inch turned to a mile

Live Life Well




United We Rise

Hey everyone! I do hope you’re having an amazing start of your week! So today’s poem was inspired by the Azusa Now: The Coming Sound album. I was listening to it earlier and I just felt the urge to write. Once I started I couldn’t stop, and the words just kept on coming. I’m very passionate about My God and I believe that revival is coming for this generation. I believe that He will set our nations heart on fire and nothing will be able to put it out.  I don’t think the album is on youtube (you can listen to it on Spotify though), but this video pretty much sums up all of the songs =]

While I was writing I kept on thinking about the Captain America: Civil War trailer and how the Avengers are turned against one another until they’re divided. In the trailer it says “Divided We Fall” and inversely, when the Body of Christ unites as one, I believe that “United we will rise.”

Anyway…Please enjoy and may the rest of your evening be enjoyable!

United We Rise

United We Rise

This isn’t meant to be temporary

This is a life style

This is the air we breath

This is what we live for

We will not be a generation that stands aside and lets society tell us what to do

We won’t fall into routine

We won’t idly stand by as people slip through our fingers

We won’t take others’ lives for granted

We won’t miss chances

We will risk because we have nothing to lose

We will be the generation that stands united to awaken America and give it a new name

A name that represents the One who first breathed life into our very lungs

United we will heal a divided nation

United we will rise

And united we will win

We will be a generation of world changers who don’t hesitate at judgement

We will stir up the wells of revival

A revival that will never run dry

A revival that will change the world

We will become torches of fire for You and run throughout the earth setting hearts on fire

We will not be shaken

We will rise up and pursue our Maker

We will shine your light for all to see

We won’t be afraid to stand up for what we believe

We will be the difference that will set the world ablaze with a passion for You

We will stand together as a nation and give our all for You

We will lift You high because there is NO other name like yours

We will love like there’s no tomorrow

We will live like life itself depends on today

We will not put the dreams you’ve set in our hearts aside for tomorrow

We will chase after your heart

And we will be the mighty generation that you have created for this very hour

Live Life Well