Fairy Tales


Today’s poem is inspired by dreams. Dreams that were believed in and sought after. Dreams that were so genuine that they were unstoppable. The story of Cinderella, a timeless tale of love and courage, is such an inspiration to me because it brushes the border of reality. The world is full of good things as well as bad things, and those bad things exist only to feed off our negative reactions, which in turn becomes yet another bad thing. Now what we need to see is that our conscious choice to react positively stops those bad things and stops the chain reaction. Through all of the bad things in this world, the same old kindness and courage will always poke through, just as long as you stay true to it, because with those two things by your side…Your fairy tale will never flicker out. So when the world feels like it’s ending and you give up…Just know that the good things in life won’t ever cease ❤ Enjoy!

Once Upon A Time

Only if you have the courage to be seen as you are

Nothing more nothing less

Not pausing to question yourself

But only to take each step with courage

To smile with kindness

And to see the world not as it is…But rather as it could be

Because that is truly what the courageous are meant to do

And what the genuine will continually strive for

It only takes courage, kindness, a bit of magic

And the leap of faith to stay true to your heart

Because after all…

That is truly what brings the fairy tales to life

-Live Life Well