Day 1: Quote Challenge

Hey everyone! It’s Mei! I apologize for the lengthy gap between my last post and this one. The holidays caused for a more busier day-to-day life, which obviously resulted in barely enough time to do much of anything. SO! To get back on track:

I have been nominated by the inspiring Allie for the three day quote challenge! Allie is genuine and sweet, and she’s one of the most powerfully true bloggers that you’ll ever  meet! Thank you for the challenge, and I hope that you’ll find the quotes inspirational 🙂

The Rules:

-Thank the person nominating you for the challenge.

-Post a quote on your blog for 3 consecutive days.

-Invite 3 of your favorite Bloggers to join the challenge


“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”  –Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi had it so right. To me, this quote is simply telling us to get up off of our hopeless chairs and start to be the individual who actually DO. So many times we’re mindlessly wishing that the world would get better, yet we do absolutely nothing to make it happen. That last part is such a punch in the stomach of Society, because it’s a call to step out and be the difference that we wish to observe freely. It can be frightening to some, but with others…It’ll click in the blink of an eye and they’ll run with it, and change the world.

My nominees ->



and Miss Book Thief

These three bloggers are all amazing and inspiring! So good luck to the three of you ❤

-Live Life Well






My Lighthouse

Hey everyone! It’s Mei! Today’s poem was inspired by the most sweetest friend that I have ever met ❤

The poem is about being the lighthouse that spreads joy to those lost in the dark. May your day be blessed and full of joy =]

My Lighthouse

It shines in the darkness
It saves us from pain
It brings hope to the hopeless
And brings life once again
It washes away worry
And takes away stress
It blinds fear with ease
And saves us; from distress
It’s relief to the lost
It’s a change towards the light
It cuts through the anger
With strength and with might
It may grow weak
It may falter in spirit
It may seem burnt out,
If you’re, nowhere near it
But even through the toughest of storms…
And Even throughout evil’s ploy
Nothing can extinguish
My Lighthouse of Joy


-Live Life Well



Hey everyone! It’s Mei! Today’s poem is a little different than what I normally create, but it addresses something that some of us struggle with. That something is rebellion. When we perceive the word “rebel” it’s normally a negative thing, and we tend to dismiss it, but I feel like the word is getting too widely used in the sense where we see a rebel as a bad person. To me a rebel, whether good or bad, stands up for their own beliefs and does not go along with what the rulers and monarchs of this world force us to do or like. I myself am strong spirited and I feel like if I try, I can use that same personality that’s sometimes negative, to impact the world in a positive way. I mean…If I can use the same thing that can be used for bad…And turn it into good…There must be more to our true selves than meets the eye. I’m very passionate about people being who they are and claiming their true identity, and if we can all be rebels against Society…We can impact the people around us so much, that they’ll start to see the difference in who you are truly and who you’ll be. It might not change their lives, but it will plant a seed in their mind that tells them it’s okay to be a rebel, it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to not accept this world’s status rules, it’s okay to be you.



I am a rebel
I won’t deny it
My past won’t forget it

It sort of was just apart of me
That spitfire gleam

My eyes flash testily
Like poisoned darts
They cause you to look away
Splitting our gaze apart

It starts in my mind
And the rest follow lead
But this spirit inside of me
Is all but a weed

It chokes the life out of my heart
And turns it to stone
A cold lifeless joke
That I wish was not mine to own

Any emotions that were,
Now disappear from my mind
And the only emotion remaining
Always trap me in binds

I hate it so much
But yet when it takes over…
My mind’s set on drive
And I cling to it
As it just pulls me lower

Almost like the pleasure of scaring yourself
With horrible terrors
It messes with my mind so much
That I can’t tell truth from a lie
Like a person claiming their contorted selves
In Carnival mirrors

When I open the doors
All but a crack
The monster springs out
Ready to attack

I’ll try to resist but of no prevail
As the thing inside
Cloaks my eyes like a veil

From that point forward
My motions are not my own
And I’ll claim that I would not have
Opened myself up to such a sin
Had I previously known

I feel like I’m in a tug of war
With my mind as the rope
I feel like when I give in…
So gives out my hope

It’s a struggle that I’m tricked to enjoy
It’s an evil mind game…
A devil’s ploy

At that point I have a choice
That will course my destiny
A choice that will change
The way my eyes will see

The choice that I make
Is simply “how”
How I’ll use this curse for good
A play so clever…
It’ll change my now

That spirit within me is a downfall
But it’s at the most, very strong
I’ll use that against the thing inside me
Till all I can hear is truth’s audible gong

My own true spirit
Will remain fiery at heart
But one tiny difference
Will set me apart

Yes, I may be a rebel
But that doesn’t make me bad
In the past I’ve used it against myself
And it was just a burden I had

But this rebel inside me
Is now understood
And I’ll still be a rebel…
But I’ll be one with the good

I’ll rebel against Society
By not giving in
I’ll make sure that evil
Never does win

I’ll turn something meant for wrong
Into a tool of unbroken righteousness
I’ll spin the meaning of rebel so much
Until it’s just truthful bliss

I’ll out-play the monster
That I’ve known all these years
I’ll gladly become
Evil’s biggest fear

I’ve played this twisted game
Long enough to catch on
I’ve lived this made up life
Of a pawn

I know how you play
This horrible game
And I’ll play you so hard
That you’ll drown in your shame

Your mind will be twisted
You’ll be torn apart
Because after all…
I’m a rebel at heart


I hope you enjoyed reading! May  your day be blessed and true!

-Live Life Well



Hey everyone! It’s Mei! Today’s poem is about confusion, and to start it all off…Here’s a short verse that was apart of the drafts I wrote for the original “Confusion” poem. It’s sort of like how I see confusion and how (to me) it deceives our very minds while disguised as truth and freedom.

Confusion: I want to escape this confusion, this cage that I’ve been shoved into…This cage that stands open, but locks me within all the same.



Confusion Is an optical illusion that causes us to claim the need to worry about our tomorrows

Confusion Is a tool of pity that encourages us to wallow in our sorrows

Confusion is the root that provokes skepticism, which questions our life’s meaning

Confusion is the hesitation to commit when our emotions sense that it might be more than a feeling

Confusion is what causes us to doubt who we are

Confusion ignores the problems at hand and instead looks upon them all from afar

Confusion plays our emotions like a hand of playing cards

Confusion is the lie of depression that ignores truth’s regards

Confusion muddies the waters that are of good reasoning

Confusion is the doubt of self worth’s main seasoning

Confusion will roam in our thoughts till that’s all that remains

Confusion is clarity’s highest disdain

Confusion is the picture that our minds refuse to comprehend

Confusion won’t allow the wounds of temptation to mend

Confusion is blindly excepting negativity

Confusion openly mocks our instability

Confusion is a delusion that causes us to see the wrong as the right

Confusion to start with, never was a fair fight

Confusion does not replace slothfulness, but instead blocks out faith

Confusion desperately needs to be overcome for humanities sake

Now, confusion can easily be avoided by a constant run…

Or confusion can be ours to victoriously overcome

-Live Life Well


No More

Hey everyone! It’s Mei! So, today’s poem is for every single individual in the world who has ever struggled with a friendship that seemed to be real and true, but in the end that ‘relationship’ just turned out to be a painful experience. May you relate and stay true to yourself!

No more

No More

I will not be your second choice

I will not be your slave

I can see straight through you

And I can see that you’re fake

I’m not here to boost your ego

Or to follow the crowd wherever it goes

I’m here to be real and to find one the same

I won’t be controlled

I won’t be ignored

I won’t be a fraud

I wont’ be like those, who cling to facades

I won’t be a person that claims to be true

Only to turn around and ignore you

I will never change who I am

To reach your high standards,

Because those that do, look upon their true selves

And deny theirs

I won’t be your puppet

I won’t back away

I won’t hide my feelings

I won’t do all that you say

I won’t go the easy way

Or go through the motions

I won’t look at friendship as just a fake notion

I’m not a pawn that you can move whenever you want

I won’t be the girl, you can easily daunt

I won’t join in this fakery

Just as long as you see me being me

I will never give in

I will never give up

I’ll cling to my true self

And, live it up

As long as it takes

Through the choices I make

I will stay true to my identity

And I will rejoice when that true friend

Accepts me being me (unbound and set free)


That’s all for today! May your Tuesday be blessed and enjoyable!

-Live Life Well


A Liebster Award


Hey everyone! It’s Mei! So a few days ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing aei.03*! She is an awesome poet and the way she words her poems is so very inspiring and touching, and I would be very blessed if you all checked out her blog and showed her some support =]


  • Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
  • Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and notify them of this in one of their posts.
  • All nominated bloggers are to have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer the 10 questions posed by your nominator and create 10 different questions for your nominees to answer. Or, you can repeat the same questions.
  • Copy these rules into your post.

My Answers:

If you have people in your life that cause you doubt yourself, how do you cope with them?  Currently I don’t have a person in my life who’s like that, but in the past times when I have, I would attack the problem by the root. See, most times when people act like that they either think you’re partially cool,(and/or) they might be longing for a friendship with you or the life you have, or they’ve had some situations in their lives that put them in the place where they’re putting you. Obviously not everyone is like that, but no matter who you are and no matter what background you’re from…You’ll always need someone to love you. And that’s where my mind-set is. I’m not perfect so I slip up a lot, but I try to see people how God sees them, and He sees them with love. I don’t know the person’s whole story, so I have no right to judge them or to try to form my own opinion of who they are, based on what I’ve seen. So in short: I don’t allow people to cause myself to doubt who I am, because I know who I am, and I know that I was created to be me, and no one will ever change that. That one factor is the reason why those types of problems don’t arise too often for me, and I thank God for showing me that =]

What is the difference between Like and Love?  I see the words “like” and “love” used out of context sooooooooo much, and sometimes I stop and really think about what they both mean and why they’re two different words if people keep inter-mixing their meanings in their sentences. For example, if pizza is my favorite food I don’t LOVE it, I like it. Like can be used to express a fondness towards something and can also be used to express a fondness towards someone, but not to the extent of loving that person (but just to clarify, we are technically called to love everyone).

Love is an emotion that is triggered due to a deeper fondness towards someone or a certain relationship (not specifically intended just for your husband, wife, BF, or GF, but also for family and friends).So if love is a relationship that you hold priceless, you can’t really have a relationship with pizza UNLESS it has extra cheese (might be kidding…Might not be) In short: Love = a relationship Like = a fondness towards something or someone that isn’t necessarily as extreme as love.

SO! The next time you hear elementary kids asking each other if they “like like” him or just like him…Tell them to act their age and get over it because little Jimmy obviously isn’t in love with them (Just kidding. He totally loves you), AND tell them to get their words in order, because “like like” isn’t a thing unless you read between the lines and figure out in middle school, that “like like” means *gasp* love (mind blowing, I know). Even though I’m being frivolously sarcastic at the moment =P, that’s pretty much the just of it all other than the fact that I’m not universally against using the word love in a situation that doesn’t involve an individual…Just against it when it’s used in the majority of the sentences used today *nods*

How much the word ‘I Love You” is important to you?

When someone tells me that they love me, it means a lot to me, and I think that in most relationships (especially between a husband and his wife) it’s very important to say those words, because let’s be honest now…You don’t want this How Do I know he loves me meme

happening every morning. Now in the case of your friends, you don’t have to tell them you love them A LOT, but sometimes there are times when it’s more appropriate than others, and also bear in mind that there will always be those situations where they’ll need to be reminded. But on a more individual note, a hug can say I love you just as much as telling someone the like.

What makes you happy?  When I’m able to hang out with a group of people who are encouraging and fun, and when I get an A+ on whatever test I’ve done ^_^

What aspect of blogging do you love the most? Well, I really like that I’m able to share my thoughts and the things that I’m really passionate about, with other individuals, who share my passion for poetry.

What do you feel is the most important takeaway for your readers (from your blog)?   Probably the fact that they’re perfect just the way they are, and that they don’t need to change anything about themselves to feel accepted. The majority of my poems reflect that fact, so I’m hoping that the individuals that read them will feel inspired to be themselves.

What’s your favourite hobby (aside from blogging!)? Expressing my creativity through the arts.

Nowadays, do you still believe in Destiny?  No and yes. Sometimes this type of thing can be confusing to think about, so I shall do my best to explain. I believe that God has a plan for my life, but I also believe that I do the choice making. That’s where it gets confusing: I have a plan for my life, yet the choices I make create that life that is technically already planned according to the choices I make, which may still have to be made in the days to come. So, to sum up that mumbo jumbo: My future is what I choose to create it to be, and I’m not destined to do one thing or the other, because in the end…It’s all up to me.

Who is God for you?
God is my loving father and friend. He is my Lord whom I serve and love. The word love was used, because I have a relationship with Him, and He’s not just a thought of some guy in the sky who stops us from doing what we want. He’s a real person to me, and I know that I’m always being looked out for, and I also know that I don’t need to worry about anything, because He’s got my back 24/7

How do you handle a stressful day?
Depending on the level of stress, I might cry a little or write poetry to get all the emotions out more efficiently. Don’t get me wrong…Crying is very important, but sometimes we need to work on letting go of the thing that’s causing the tears and take the step to overcome whatever is causing our stress.

My Nominees:

The Tunnel of Thoughts


Perceptions-Photography by Jane

Trudi’s Treasures


All 5 of these bloggers are amazing individuals who express their creativity and emotions beautifully and they all have inspired me throughout their works!

My Questions:

Where/When do you find yourself at peace?
What inspires you the most?
What do you hope to accomplish throughout your blogging journey?
What are you most passionate about?
How do you want to impact the world for the better?
If you could change any event in history (past, present, or future) would you accept the opportunity or leave history as it is?
What do you do for entertainment?
Have you laughed today?
If you need to study for a long period of time, how do you like your environment to be?
What are your goals and aspirations?

That’s all for today! May you all have a blessed Sunday 🙂

-Live Life Well