Rainy Days


Rainy Days

I listen to the rain
As it steadily beats against
My window

My mind is at peace
And my thoughts wander about

I breathe in the surprisingly sweet air
Of the rain splattered day
And sigh with satisfaction

I’ve always had a fancy for rainy days
But I never knew why

Whenever it rains
My dreams come alive
And I feel like I can do anything

To me rain is freedom
A chance to let go and dance
Without a care of any kind

There’s something amazing
When you look up at the sky
And just smile

A sense of pure joy
Stirs up in your chest
And you feel like a child again

Whenever I’m inside looking out
At the droplets gathering on my window sill
I imagine stories with vivid colors
With dragons and knights
Saving fair maidens

I imagine all of the adventures
That I’ve dreamed of living out
Ever since I was young

Rainy days stir up
Hope and inspiration
Inside me

Inspiration to create
My life into whatever I please

Inspiration to destroy
The limitations that I’ve
Set upon myself

Inspiration to be fearless
And courageous

Inspiration to be anyone I’ve
Ever dreamed of becoming

Inspiration to live

I know not why rainy days
Make me feel this way
And that will somehow always
Remain a mystery
But I do know how rainy days
Are defined by me

Rainy days are memories.
A chance to look back
And see both the good and the bad

A chance to remember the things
I’ve done and the people I’ve loved

A chance to smile fondly at the days
Lit up by the sun

And I guess that’s where the
Inspiration comes from

The inspiration that will bring
New life and change
To create a future that will become
A mighty past

A chance to use the past, present, and future
To create a rainbow

May your day be blessed greatly!

-Live Life Well



The House Down The Street

Hey everyone! It’s Mei! So today’s poem is a rather short one. It was inspired by a friend from back where I used to live(As you might already know, I moved this past Spring from the place that I grew up and lived in for my whole life). I wont go into detail about how she inspired me or anything but I will tell you that it reflects old memories in a way that regards my old house. Enjoy! =]

The House Down the Street

A yellow house with light blue shutters greets the friendly street

Its reddish brown bricks line up together to create even rows of fire like strokes

A great pine tree shades the side of the house to protect it from the sun’s rays

The net of the basketball hoop swings limply in the breeze, aching for use

A white elegant table prominently states its place in the middle of the porch alongside two empty white chairs

A porch swing creaks as the wind rocks its empty swing back and forth

The sharp black door remains closed, hiding the peeling paint inside

The old mailbox clings to the nails that hold it up and cries out from the rust that pushes against it

A weather-beaten mat marks the entrance and gives way to any weight that makes itself present

The house is empty. Desolate.

A life was once birthed in that house…And that life remains, but the life seems to have drifted off

Two eyes watch the house with hope to see the life once more…But that life is all but a fog of a memory to that house…And it never appears

The house is now just a building, a fond memory: The yellow house down the street…The one with the blue shutters.

Well that’s all! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

-Live Life Well



Hey everyone! It’s Mei! Today’s poem was inspired by my awesome youth leader. Last Wednesday he used the analogy that described us as clay and how we sometimes leave some ares in our life to sit and eventually harden. Typically, most types of clay, when hard, are a lost cause to society, but he told us about a type of clay that contains oil, and even though it’s surface may harden…The oil is always there for us to  sculpt our creation and to design a masterpiece. Anyway…I hope you enjoy reading it! =]


We are like clay
A clay that is flowing with oil day by day
An oil that allows us to move freely…
To either sculpt our beings or to allow us to sit…
Sit in the sun as the time ticks idly by
The sun beats down on us as we’re slowly being formed
But no matter what we do or don’t…The oil never runs dry
We’re constantly being given the chance to sculpt our areas of lack
A chance to mold the pain…To give ourselves something back
A chance to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in the rain
To allow the drops to sink in and soften the rigidness
That holds us back from taking the second step
A step that will transform us into an even greater masterpiece
A masterpiece that will spark delight in our Maker

Well that’s all! I wish you all the best of Monday’s!

-Live Life Well



Hey everyone! It’s Mei! Today’s poem is about being real and not letting the world dim who you truly are as an individual. This type of subject is pretty important to me, and I normally end up incorporating it into my poems and most times it’s un-intentional, but it’s almost always effective.  Enjoy, and have a great Wednesday! =]


We live in a world where the right is the wrong
We live in a world that muffles our song
We live in a world that wont accept us
for the people we are and the God that we trust

We live in a world that follows the crowd,
who changes our wants to make others proud
We live in a world where it’s all about us
and if we don’t reach a standard we’re treated like dust

We live in a world where we go through the motions,
and being ourselves is just a rash notion
We live in a world that judges our heart…
By the way that we look; how we play the part

We live in a world where we’re forced to take hold
of the ways of the world to fit in the mold
We live in a world that substitutes God
and when you are hurting you smile and nod

What has happened to this world I once loved?
Where the only authority was the one from above                                                                         We live in a world that has fallen to sin,
but hope is not lost, because we can still win!

God’s love is greater than this lost society,
and the sooner we realize this the sooner we’ll see
That being who God created you to be
is better than being one with society.

-Live Life Well


Or Learn…

Hey everyone! It’s Mei! One of my most favorite movies that I remember watching a lot growing up was the Lion King. I typically enjoyed watching it, because of the songs, but I never really saw how many deeper meanings were within the whole movie. I recently had the opportunity to watch the Lion King, and it was a thrill to remember all of the great quotes and such, but what I really thought was cool was that I was able to watch the movie through different eyes…Eyes that are able to see the depth of the words and the meanings of the actions and in turn find inspiration. In the movie(as I’m already sure you know…) the main character(Simba) is struggling with his past and what he thought that he had done, but instead of taking a look at the problem by the root and learning, he ran from his past. Later on in the movie his past catches up with him and he’s faced with a choice that will determine his future. Thankfully Rafiki wasn’t far behind, and here’s what he says

 Simba: I know what I have to do. But going back means I’ll have to face my past. I’ve been running from it for so long.
[Rafiki hits Simba on the head with his stick]
 Simba: Ow! Jeez, what was that for?
Rafiki: It doesn’t matter. It’s in the past.
Simba: Yeah, but it still hurts.
Rafiki: Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it

That last part was what really got me thinking. So many people in this world keep living in their past and they don’t forgive themselves or the others who hurt them in a certain situation. Whatever the fact, I wanted to write something about the concept of our past so I hope you enjoy it  =]


The past is a choice
We can’t alter it
But we still have a voice

Our pasts are very different and
Are sewn with our own actions
Some of us are pleased with ours
While others find to be less than satisfaction

The past is what was,
But is now non-existing
But some of us aren’t grasping
That truth and are resisting

See, society is taught to read the
Description of a person’s past and let that
Define who they are…
When in reality that person’s past is all but a scar…
A scar that brands us and reminds us of what we’ve done…
That causes us to see ourselves as shameful
And each time we’re reminded, we run.

So why must we press on those scars
That have been done with and healed?
Why open up our pasts
When they’re already sealed?

Why do we allow ourselves
To claim our past as our future
And erase the chance of starting off new?

What we need to see is that if we live out our lives
While dwelling on the past, our future will become
What we couldn’t overcome.

We can run as far away from our past
As we dare do, but somewhere along the lines
The scars will poke through.

The past will never change no matter how much we try,
And it’ll always be there like the blue in the sky.

The past is done and set and we need to face that fact,
But that’s where we’ll stop this back-pedaling track

The past may hurt and
The wound may still be present,
But we still have a voice on our future
And what will represent it

We can look back to our past
And see the consequences and pain
But that’s where we’ll start…
That’s where we’ll gain.

The past can serve as a tool of learning
And can shape our future by turning…
Turning away from the life
That let its past define who it is
And taking a step forward

To soar beyond the possibilities
Not letting what you’ve done in the past
Or what you will do in the future
Define who you are.

Just simply being who you are
Being the light in the darkness
Being a star…

A star that will
Shine to the future
With hope and expectations
Until your dream is fulfilled
And your past…A story
Of overcoming life’s scar

Well that’s all! Please feel free to like, comment, or share, and I’ll be back with more poems to come!

-Life Life Well


Fall’s Song

Hey everyone!  It’s Mei! So, as this is my first “official” post, it will also serve as a more formal introduction. So to start off… I am 13 years old and I’ve been writing poetry for about 3 years. I’ve actually been writing poetry most of my life, but my inspiration and passion to write poems began around the time when I was 10 or 11. I’ve competed with my poetry in a nationwide competition twice, I’ve earned top 3 in my state at districts, and I received an Excellent both times at Nationals. My mind is a chamber of thoughts and I sort out each of them through my poetry. I recently moved this past Spring so I’m getting used to the new atmosphere that my new home state brings about. Anyway… I hope that you enjoy reading through my thoughts, and feel free to pick up some inspiration along the way 😉

This first poem was inspired by all of my memories of those Fall days back at my old house, when I played in the leaves for hours and hours. Another major part of the inspiration was the song   “Multiplide” by Needtobreathe. One of my most recent memories of Fall was last year. I was sitting in my room, listening to Multiplied, my windows were open and I remember the curtains flowing in the gentle breeze. I could smell the Fall air, and my bed creaked every now and then under the shift of my weight, and I remember that I was without a care at that very moment.  I’ve treasured that picturesque time in my life ever since, and this Fall, I got inspired to write about it. As most of my poems do…This one took a turn for a different approach, but the inspiration is still in place and can be noticed in the beginning. There are several analogy’s throughout the poem, and if you’re interested in seeing them how I see them, I’ll describe them at the bottom. Although, you might fancy your own description of them better, but who knows!  =]

Fall’s Song

I close my eyes and let the memories whisk me away
To a crisp chill afternoon of a late fall day.

Everything seems to be in rhythm with the song in my head,
Like the billowing curtains, and the creak of my bed.

I breathe in the fall air made up of Apple spice and cinnamon
And my spirits soar with joy; a joy that was before hidden.

A glance out my window reveals a world of bright colors
Like the reds and the yellows of all those warm summers.

The sounds in my ear mix with my song…
The padder of squirrels and a bird’s so long.

The crackle of fire, the crunch of the leaves…
The voices together combine and they weave.

The colors of joy drift slowly to the ground
And the harmonies grow louder to create a sweet sound.

The strong branches that once held our heart’s song remain bare
But as we each drift apart, our songs connect there…

To the place where our hearts, were given their song
And as our voices harmonize together…We will remain strong!

As the fall afternoon slowly fades away…
Our melodies will stay firm and strong
Though our beings, pass beyond.

Through the stillness and bitter cold days
The sun will come shine, throughout all of the haze.

Our remaining songs, will bring a new range,
And the branches that birthed us will bring about change.

The change, although different, will stay somewhat the same
Because these songs could not be, if joy weren’t to remain.

I slowly drift off with the song still a play…
As I dream of the joy, of a late Fall  Day.

For a deeper look~

The Leaves: Us, as people

Warm Summers: The positive memories of the past

My song(our song): Being who we truly are, not changing who we are to be like anyone else, and just being true to yourself and to others

Harmonizing Together: Those who stand strong together no matter what

The Branches(TheTree): God our Father and Creator

The Bitter Cold Days(Winter): Any trial or period of time where depression, sadness, or any negative feelings roam our lives

The Sun/Change(Spring): This represents new birth and the point in our lives when we overcome the darkness and, in turn, peruse a change that will refresh and renew us

Though our beings, pass beyond/ Our remaining songs, will bring a new range: This one has a deeper meaning than the rest. Those two lines together, say that we can effect the generations to come for the better, right here right now, by the things we do and the influences we make around the people we come in contact with every day. If you really think about it…What we do can alter a person’s life, and since we have the power to change a persons life for the better…I say we go on and do just that.

Okay! That’s about it! I hope that you enjoyed reading through my thoughts, and hearing the meanings behind them! You can like or leave a comment below. I’d love to hear any of your thoughts on what you think this poem is saying! Have a great Saturday!!

-Life Life Well